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Home Inspection Cost

What Does a Home Inspection Cost in and Around the Atlanta Metro Area?

Even though home inspectors love to frame the cost of their services as an investment or even a money-saving step, the fact is that the initial outlay is still an important factor to consider. This, of course, is because you must come up with the house inspection cost before you gain any of the benefits of the report.

Several factors go into determining house inspection cost. The most obvious is the size of the structure. As you would expect, larger houses have more area to inspect, so they cost more. Small houses and cabins, on the other hand, won’t take nearly as long to look at.

The level of detail is another factor involved in the cost. If a large house is basically an empty box with wiring in the walls, it may cost no more than a smaller one that’s full of upgraded electronics, multi-peaked roofing, integrated spas, and other aspects that complicate the task of checking everything.

Average Home Inspection Cost

Despite these and other variables, home inspectors should offer some guidance on pricing. At Friendly Home Inspections, we state an average cost of $300 to $500. Paying a few hundred dollars for an inspection can save a homeowner thousands of dollars down the road. Having a comprehensive inspection and documentation can make it easier to negotiate discounts on the selling price of a house and uncover hidden problems that need to be fixed before they cause major damage.

To get a quote for the inspection of a house that you live in, are about to sell, or are planning on buying, just call Friendly Home Inspections in Lawrenceville, GA today. Eddie Friendly or one of our associates will be glad to come out and let you know exactly how much it will cost to inspect the house in question.

How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

Home inspection costs vary by property. We'll need to know things like: the home's square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Does the home have a pool or basement? Is it a home that's older than 50-years? These details allow us to give you an accurate quote based on the property being inspected.

If you'd like to know how much it cost to get a home inspected, call now.