Omitting a home inspection from the home buying process can have major repercussions in the end. Some sellers may coerce you to waive getting it done since it means they would be selling the house to you “as is” and hold no liability for anything after the purchase is completed.

This means that when you discover unsettling things about the home later, you’ve already waived your right to ask the previous homeowner for repairs.

Although there are a few States that legally require sellers to disclose potential or definite issues with their homes, it is often on the buyer’s shoulder.

Many first-time homebuyers do not go through with a home inspections because they are not familiar with what they have control over in the process; and buyers can easily be taken advantage of in this case.

At Friendly Home Inspections, we are your advocate and we work on your behalf to protect your interests. We never just look at the surface of the home when evaluating the property. All customers are given a complete analysis of problems found, as well as those that may become a problem in the short or distant future.

For example, the roof on a home may be durable enough to last another 1-2 years, but would have to be replaced not long after that. Knowing this in advance of the purchase puts you at an advantage to negotiate repairs or the purchase price of the property.

Inspections are also important for safety reasons just as much as they are important for calculating your overall costs.

Why You Should Hire a Certified and Licensed Atlanta Home Inspector

Hiring a professionally certified and licensed Atlanta home inspector can also increase overall confidence in buying a home. A study, conducted by the American Society of Home Inspectors, found that nearly 90% of people stated deciding to hire an inspector was an excellent choice.

It gave them more confidence about purchasing a home after having total insight on the condition of the home and surrounding property.

Over 80% of people from the study mentioned they were more likely to go through with a short sale or foreclosure deal only if an inspector stated the place was in good condition.

Saving a few coins and later discovering that you’re losing tenfold the amount hurts and is seldom worth the risk. Home inspections help you determine and plan for the longevity of your future home.

Don’t skip out on the home inspection!

If you need an experienced and licensed Atlanta-Lawrenceville Home Inspector, call Eddie at Friendly Home Inspections right now: 404-981-4615

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