Purchasing a new property can be a daunting task and you’re likely have a lot of questions.  If you’re about to purchase a home in the Atlanta metro area, Friendly Home Inspections is here to assist. The following are the most commonly asked questions we get asked about getting a home inspection in Georgia. 

What’s the value of a home inspection?

As a potential homebuyer, you want to know as much about a house as possible before you commit to a purchase. Our Atlanta home inspectors will provide all of the information you need to make an informed decision about the property. Knowing about any problems or upcoming repair costs can help you make the best decision possible.

If you’re a home seller, it is helpful to get a home inspection prior to listing your home on the market in order to uncover any issues with your home; so they can be repaired before listing the property.

A home inspection can also benefit a homeowner who is not looking to buy or sell. Any minor problems uncovered during the inspection gives you the chance to fix them before they turn into major or costly problems.  

Can I do my own house inspection?

While there is nothing that says you cannot conduct your own inspection, we do not recommend anyone aside from a qualified home inspector. Our inspectors go through extensive training on conducting thorough assessments and writing reports. During an inspection, an inspector can easily inspect hundreds of various items in a home, many of which are overlooked by untrained eyes. The risk can be a costly one to you.

Do properties ever fail an inspection?

No. Properties never fail an inspection. The goal of our assessment is to inform you of the home’s condition and help you discern if you want to move forward with the purchase of the property. 

Should I be present for the property inspection?

While your presence isn’t mandatory, we suggest you be present at the time of the inspection. This allows you to walk through the home during the inspection. It gives you the chance to ask questions and view any problems uncovered firsthand. 

Do I need to hire an inspector or will my real estate agent take care of that?

Your real estate agent may provide recommendations, but it’s ideal that you choose your own home inspection company. When you contact us, we work directly for your interests; not your agent.

How much will a home inspection cost?

Inspection costs vary depending on the company you choose. Cost can vary depending on size of the property. Is there a pool? Basement? 2 bedrooms versus 5? 1,000 square feet versus 5,000 square feet. Calling us for a customized quote is important for an accurate price.

When will I receive the home inspection report?

Home inspection reports are digitally sent to you within 24-hours of the inspection. Our professional reports include thorough details, a helpful summary page, and digital color photos of the property. In addition, we also email the report to your real estate agent on the same day.

What if I have additional questions after the home inspection?

Contact us directly. We’re glad to address questions you might have. Our home inspectors are InterNACHI certified.

If you still have questions, or you’re ready to book an inspection, call us 404-981-4615

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