Choosing the right home inspection services can help you avoid a lot of unnecessary problems.

One of the most exciting aspects involved in purchasing a home is the beginning process. The
time where you look at multiple houses until you find “the one” you really like.

When you finally find that perfect home, it can be tempting for some to put an offer out on the house immediately. Esthetically, there may not be any issues with the house from what your eyes can see.

However, there are two problems that usually come with this: the excitement of getting the house you love may cloud your judgment in determining the true value of the home, versus what the seller is telling you, and the house may wind up being more troublesome than it is worth.

What if that $300,000 home you thought was a deal of a price could have sold for less than that. What if you discover all of the bad qualities about the home only after you moved in?

Sellers, a majority of the time, only care about what fattens their pocket, but Friendly Home Inspections care about you and what you can do to get the most out of your buck.

A seller’s job is to sell the sell the house to you and to entice you with the “good.” While it is
helpful to know the perks that come with a house, you also want genuine critique.

Professional Home Inspectors Make a Difference

Homeowners are not likely to tell you about their damaged pipes, clogged sewers, obsolete outlets, or mold infested air conditioning vents if you do not notice them.

More often than not, they are well aware of these issues, and do not mark it off when they are
selling their home. Knowing this type of information can work both ways and be a deal breaker
or deal maker for you.

It is easier to get a seller to lower on the price when issues are found after a thorough home inspection. The money you save on the house can be used to fix or replace any damages. The last thing you want is to be taken, unpleasantly, by surprise and be stuck with fixing extensive damages on your own.

Doesn’t it sound like a nightmare in disguise?

You could lose thousands or hundreds of thousands this way. Never be afraid to speak and ask the seller questions, especially if something bothers you and where it becomes necessary to test its functionality.

A seller with a good home should not be worried if you want to see more than the surface they provide. Nonetheless, if you do run into a seller that opposes, it could be taken as a red flag that they are hiding something.

You owe it to yourself to be 100% confident about the home you decide to buy so it is best to get
a professional Atlanta home inspector involved in the process before it is finalized.

Your biggest purchase will likely be your home. Hire an experienced, licensed and InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector that’ll look out for your interests throughout the home buying process.

If you have questions, or simply want a free home inspection quote, call us at: 404-981-4615

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