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I'm Eddie Friendly, a professional home inspector in Atlanta providing you peace of mind!

As a licensed, local and certified Atlanta home inspector with experience, I'm qualified to inspect homes on your behalf in the metro Atlanta area. I'm here to ensure you know the condition of the home you're considering buying, so you don't end up with a costly mistake. I thoroughly inspect your property and provide you with a detailed inspection report, along with photos and a detailed summary of our finding, so you can have piece of mind knowing what's you're buying.

Inspecting attic

3 Things to Be Aware of Before Hiring an Atlanta Home Inspector: Avoid These Costly Mistakes Now!

Inspecting the roof of a home


For safety reasons, many inspectors will not go up and inspect the roof. Without this visual inspection, it's difficult to know if your roof needs repairs immediately, or if you're good for another 10-12 years. Make sure to ask the inspector you're considering if they'll go up on the roof to inspect. Friendly Home Inspections will gladly inspect your roof and look for signs of water damage, bad gutters, mold and deterioration. 

faulty electrical wiring is a common cause for fires in atlanta  homes: a thorough home inspection can identify problems before they Occur

To the untrained eye, it's easy to overlook things that could cause fires like exposed wires and wiring that's not properly connected. Confirm the inspector you hire has credentials and experience for inspecting the homes electrical system. Friendly Home Inspections is trained and experienced to throughly inspect the electrical components of the property, to include the circuit breaker box to ensure your interests are protected. We'll even climb up in the attic to check wiring there as well.

Inspecting attic and roof
Checking HVAC systems as part of the inspection

many home Inspectors in georgia are not licensed and lack formal training to call themselves a home inspector

You many not know this, but licensing in Georgia is NOT required for home inspectors. Anyone can wake up today and call themselves an inspector with no formal training or experience. Before hiring an inspector, confirm their background and certifications. Friendly Home Inspection is licensed, insured and certified as a professional home inspector in Atlanta. We are members of InterNACHI (in order to be a member of InterNACHI, we must follow their guidelines for inspections). Our inspectors attended a formal home inspection school and has the experience necessary to inspect the property you're considering.

Get Your Digital Home Inspection Report in 24-hrs

All critical issues discovered during the home inspection are written up in a digital inspection report that's complete w/ color photos and a detailed summary of our findings. 

The report is delivered to you and your real estate agent within 24-hours of the property inspection. Use this report to your advantage to negotiate repairs and/or the sale price of the property. 

I'm available to you after the inspection to answer any questions you might have about our findings. Call now to get on my schedule!

Our Home Inspection Services for Atlanta Metro

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4. Home Energy Efficiency Inspection

Determine how much and where energy is used in your home so you can save energy and improve efficiency.

5. Pool Inspection

Know the condition of pool so you can avoid costly repairs by getting a professional pool inspection.

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9. 4-Point Inspection

Know if a property and its 4 main systems have been well maintained (Roof, Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical)

10. Annual Home Maintenance Inspection

Keep small problems from turning into big ones. An annual inspection helps keep your home in great condition.

Want to Know How Much a Home Inspection Cost?

Home inspection costs vary by property. We must know things like the square footage, # of bedrooms & baths. Is there a pool or basement? Is the home older than 50-years? These details allow us to give you an accurate quote.

If you'd like to know how much it cost to get a home inspected, call now.

Georgia home inspections

What to Know About Home Inspections in Atlanta

Water Heater Corrosion Discovered During Home Inspection at Atlanta Home in East Point

Why You Should Choose Eddie Friendly as Your Atlanta Home Inspector

Many companies offer home inspection services, but only a few really stand out. There are a few things that really set the best home inspectors apart from the rest.

The most basic requirement is that the company be licensed and insured. In some areas, certification is also required.

Since most municipalities demand at least licensing and insurance for those running...

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